How PROQNOSTIX proceeds with is a side project of (AAW). typifies a model bank on the basis of a scientific research conducted by experts of AAW. In this research project

  1. PROQNOSTIX supports the definition of the companies business goals cooperating with the domain experts of The evaluation of the potential of big data repositories for the application of mathematical and AI-based methods and practices e. g. for forecasts performed in an software engineering environment provided by PROQNOSTIX is part of the analysis stage.
  2. Definition of technology stack, methods, libraries, tools, resources, tasks, roles etc.
  3. Agile Data Science (ADS): Project management and software engineering process is based on the ADS approach.
  4. Hybrid design of products and services:
    1. Delivery of a running software environment with a software lifecycle.
    2. Inhouse workshops for the usage of big data, open source software and methods of software engineering and mathematics in companies.

Case Study: gives an order

The following procedure model is applied:

I Preanalysis

  • First survey and interviews
  • First suggestions and recommendations:
    • A) Investment strategies on the stock markets based on numerous key performance indicators of companies and feasibility analysis for mathematical methods.
    • B) Calculation of the creditworthiness of private persons and companies based on data (Schufa, Social Media, self-declerations)
    • C) Potential analysis on emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Serverless Computing, IoT, VR/AR/MR etc.
    • D) Designation of workshop content
  • Milestone: Go?

II Requirement Engineering

III Design

IV Model

V Implementation

VI Test

VII Evolution