Welcome to PROQNOSTIX!

PROQNOSTIX is a side project of the female expert network


What does the “q” and the “x” stand for in “PROQNOSTIX”?
“Q” stands for “open source query” and “x” stands for “cross-platform extension”. More about “q” and “x” can be read here

The service portfolio of PROQNOSTIX can be divided into three areas:

I) Know-how development in companies in mathematics

PROQNOSTIX contributes to the integration and development of

  • mathematical knowhow
  • prognosis, prediction and forecasting procedures as well and
  • artificial intelligence (AI) based method.

in your company

In addition to the knowledge transfer, the use and implementation of tailor-made software solutions are also part of the offer:

II) Software Development Procedures for Forecasting and Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based applications

PROQNOSTIX empowers companies to apply prognosis, predictions, forecasts, estimates, and AI-based methods to big data, in light of their business goals. In addition to cloud-based distributable and scalable software solutions, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google.AI, etc., PROQNOSTIX also employs bespoke software solutions to get the most out of your business based on the latest scientific research and market experience in data science.

III) Emerging Technologies

PROQNOSTIX also creates a forecast report of future potential, from the perspective of emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Serverless Computing, Bots, etc., with the goal of providing meaningful uses for your business and identify and unleash further potential.